Our Story

Reno is just a big, old, new, small town. For those who grew up in the area and or went to UNR, we all know one another in some way. All of us are admiring Reno grow, change, and evolve into this fun new and exciting city. With this, we need more fun, engaging, and thrilling events, that also give back to the community.

As we grow older it seems as though meeting up, catching up, is too far and few between. Less beach time together, fewer bbq’s in our back yards with overcooked meat, less ski trips and hikes as a group, more kiddos running around, and bigger and always growing careers. Due to all of this, we decided to create NOIR.

A Night out in Reno is going to be everyone’s party. A party that we have a night to catch up on our busy lives. A chance to just talk, play a game, admire performances, let our feet act like they remember to dance, and do all of that together. An opportunity to meet unfamiliar faces an connect. A chance to take a second and see what everyone is up to. We aren’t able to slow down life, but we sure are able to live it together.

It will be a reunion, for all of Reno’s Elite. Those that are out there progressing, enjoying, and living. We will dress up, we will laugh, we will make memories, and we will grow together while supporting non-profits in our community as well.

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